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Having grown up around entrepreneurs, I’d cultivated the mindset of an Owner at an early age. It was no surprise to my inner circle when I at last harnessed that fire to create my own small business as a real estate agent. Being an agent has made me acutely aware of the power of relationships more than any “job”, “gig”, or situation I’ve experienced. I believe it’s the duty of those with an ultra-public persona like that of a Realtor to connect and value the opportunity to better a fellow individual’s life. With most clients I’ve been fortunate to nurture, I see my choice of employment as an excuse to have fun, forge friendships, and tend humanity in a stimulating and unique way. My background as an Anthropologist and Museum Conservator have prepared me to interact with diverse populations and amid delicate situations with utmost care. To bridge and “match” people with their goals is an organic fit for me.
There’s no denying I lack the traditional MO of salespeople. The stark contrast in my history appears either very odd or very interesting…Yet it highlights my chameleon talent. Adaptation follows environment. Successful transactions are, likewise, anchored in instinct.
My philosophy is to motivate and educate clients, adding a sense of control during what can be a daunting and perplexing task. Real estate is often an individual’s largest transaction, and homes still represent one of humans’ most basic and important possessions. Having spent a childhood in Sacramento, and an adulthood in five other states, even Italy, I deeply understands the trials associated with what it means to be uprooted, not the least of which involves ingratiating oneself with a new/foreign populace with a finesse required to build lasting relationships.
Thanks to a childhood spent relocating with family, I easily adapted to the various hubs for internships and studies that followed my college pursuits and preceded a life in realty. But in 2015, I denounced my nomadic ways and determined to set root in back at home in NorCal and so began my real estate career with the small, but mighty role of Administrative Manager to Lake Almanor Brokers — a boutique realty office in Plumas County on the shores of the very waters that spellbound my parents years before they traded Suburbia for the Mountains. Countless camping weekends with a trip to the local land & home office that consequently yielded a pile of bright pamphlets advertised by the gamut of smiling strangers, eager to pair as their agent, networked my folks with their eventual purchase of West Shore Country Club property. After two years spent trying to craft a home all the way from Wisconsin, the product of dad’s job-merger, my parents scrapped the idea of custom construction and found a house built by my very dear friend and professional mentor’s late husband, in one of the most magical spots in all of Chester. This quaint, historic Mill site — much like the one in which I currently call home – planted the seeds of my love affair with small towns.
When I stepped into my role as LAB’S Property Manager, I had just re-connected with a former acquaintance from my time in Chico State’s Archaeology program. Within months, this gentleman was offered a Forensic Archaeologist position for the Department of Defense, no longer seeming a handsome date but a partner of Forever substance. Despite the drastic change in geographies we faced with this offer, it presented an honorable post that neither of us could see reason for Kevin to turn down. Thus, he leapt, and I followed, prompting our move to Oahu’s metropolis of Honolulu. It was on this pivotal trans-pacific change that I undertook my Hawaii Real Estate License. For nearly 2 years, I operated out of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties office in Kailua, Hawaii, basing a majority of my transaction on military clientele. Placing incoming service members and their families in homes, while referring others changing station to trusted agents on the mainland, fueled my sense of fulfillment to our Nation that was surreal and new. Helping a military compatriot achieve ownership of the very land they defended was an inexplicably powerful feeling. Were it not for being invited to help build a team with my close chosen sister, Sharon Peña, I would never have seen the success in Hawaii as I did.
Branding Team Peña cut my teeth.
Amidst divergent escrows, deployments, three separate residence changes, and planning our wedding, I relocated back to California, where my 4th Generation McCloudian of a husband, set off to tackle and switch gears as GM for McCloud’s Community Services District. While it was a short-lived exploration, it opened doors to a community that quickly embraced and invigorated me. I’m exceedingly driven to support my people and our township, maintaining an active role McCloud’s Historic Courthouse Committee, the Horseman’s Riding Club, the Garden Club, as well as on the McCloud Chamber’s Board of Directors. Through the various channels I can adeptly inform clients and neighbors on the town’s agenda. I’m also a proud supporter and recently appointed board member of the Scott Valley Farm School Advisory council, and look forward to creating lifelong learners and compassionate civilians with the young attendees on the California Heritage Farms’ Fort Jones site.
When I’m not “hoofing properties”, carrying a motion, or selling Harvest Festival tickets, nothing gives me greater joy than tapping into my wänderlust and carpe diem with hubby and our Border Terrier, Hoagy. Although, I do have this thing for architectural salvage that can get me to nerd out like nothing else! Milk glass, dove-tail joins, and original hardwood flooring are my buzz words.