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Having grown up around, working in, and eventually creating her own small business, Airiel is acutely aware of the power in building relationships; not simply within the immediate unit of familiars, but from as many corners as possible. Joining forces with her husband and 4thGeneration McCloudian, Kevin Dalton, Airiel is exceedingly driven to support her people and their township, in which she plans to raise a family, advocate civic involvement, and foster its continuous beautification. Kevin’s new role as the General Manager for MCSD directly affects much of Airiel’s work, and thus she takes her presence at MCSD Board Meetings seriously; maintaining an active attendance to ensure she can adeptly inform clients and neighbors on the town’s agenda. Living in McCloud with a formidable personal and professional sphere, many of whom are prominent local entrepreneurs, Airiel maintains a recognized presence to help facilitate Buyers and Sellers, negotiating connections and offering diverse perspective. This fervent passion ensures you can always count on her to be working for you 24/7/365!

Boasting dual-licenses as a California and Hawaii REALTOR®, Airiel arrives equipped to tap into the investor communities that toggle between the magical Islands and all hamlets surrounding our majestic Mount Shasta. Having spent a childhood in Sacramento, and an adulthood in five other states, even Italy, this mountain girl possesses the moxie needed to adapt to all manner of environments as well as the finesse required to represent all manner of transactions.

Airiel began her real estate career as Administrative and Property Manager at Lake Almanor Brokers in Plumas County, on the shores of the very waters that spellbound her parents to become homeowners in her youth. Prior to joining Coldwell Banker Mountain Gate Properties, Airiel primarily operated out of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties office in Kailua where she still hangs her Hawaii license. In the Spring of 2016, Kevin was offered a Forensic Archaeologist position for the Department of Defense, prompting the duo’s to Oahu’s metropolis of Honolulu. Throughout the U.S., as well as in Southeast Asia and Europe, Kevin led surveys and excavations in the recovery of fallen MIA/POW military heroes. For nearly a decade prior, Kevin oversaw the CSU, Chico Archaeology Laboratory, in addition to teaching anthropology and archaeology courses. It was on Chico State’s campus that the couple met in their shared department. Many clients delight in discovering Airiel devoted almost a decade to archaeology and museum conservation before settling on her passion for “Realty Matchmaking.”

Over the years, Airiel based a majority of her business on the nurtured relationships within the military circuit. Placing incoming service members and their families in homes, while referring others changing station to trusted agents on the mainland, fueled her sense of fulfillment to our Nation that she had never before experienced. “My goal is to place as many personnel in homes as possible…helping them achieve ownership of the very land they defended,” Airiel explains of her outreach education on the VA Home Loan Benefit. Both Airiel and her husband passionately seek to continue their efforts of contributing to the Veteran communities of Siskiyou County.

The combined skills gained in professional and academic spheres has prepared Airiel to interact with our diverse populations of visitors and residents. “There’s no denying I lack the traditional MO of salespeople. That I’ve made no attempt at hiding it speaks to confidence in my eclectic background. The stark contrast in my history appears either very odd or very interesting…Yet it serves to highlight my chameleon talent. Adaptation follows environment. Successful sales are, likewise, anchored in instinct.” Airiel’s philosophy is to motivate and educate clients, adding value to their lives and a sense of control during what can be a perplexing task. Real estate is often people’s largest transaction, and homes still represent one of humans’ most basic and important possessions.

Airiel looks forward to tackling outreach projects with the McCloud Chamber and the Heritage Junction Museum, demonstrating sensitivity to the Local voice, while showcasing resourcefulness to achieve win-win solutions. Her goal is to provide a high level of service based upon professionalism and compassion whether you’re a Buyer, Seller, or simply a neighbor! Her firm, Coldwell Banker Mountain Gate Properties, hosts a colorful group with wide ranging interests yet united in their commitment to teamwork. Coldwell Banker agents stand apart, demonstrating extensive training and exceptional accessibility since 1977, earmarking the family-owned business as one of the oldest realty offices in the County.