Some people quickly zero in on the right property and know it when they see it. For most buyers, though, finding the real estate that is best for them is an evolving process. People generally start with ideas of what they want but their views frequently change once they begin looking. The more feedback they are able to give us the easier it is for us to orient them to their special property.

Following are common considerations for buyers:

  • ACCESS: Most houses are on paved, maintained, public roads with regular snow removal. Some are on private unpaved roads which may or may not have regular maintenance and plowing. In the winter access can be difficult if the roads are not plowed. Some people prefer the privacy of not being on a public road. Winter access can be more of an issue for Hammond Ranch, McCloud, and Mount Shasta real estate.
  • VIEWS: Being surrounded by mountains it would seem that everyone would have great views. But with hills and large trees this is not always the case. Some people require mountain views whereas others are less concerned since they see them so much from around the area. Some just like having their home nestled in the lush, green, woods.
  • CREEKS & LAKES: We have many beautiful creeks and rivers though it is often not easy to find adjacent land. If you can’t find the right parcel with the creek of your dreams you can always enjoy the many creeks and rivers with public access. With the exception of Lake Shastina there are relatively few properties that are on a lake. Mount Shasta real estate is available near Lake Siskiyou but not adjacent to it (though some parcels overlook one of the inlets). There are properties on and across Hammond Lake but keep in mind that in most years parts if it are seasonal. Lake McCloud is beautiful but there is no private real estate available around it.
    • MOUNT SHASTA CITY sits at the foot of the Mountain on the west side. It is rich with evergreens, oaks, dogwood, and beautiful meadowlands. Elevations range from about 3400’ to 3900’ and we can get significant snow in the winter. Some years it comes and goes, others it can be on the ground a few months straight. Night time temperatures are frequently below freezing with days often in the 30’s – 50’s. Summer temperatures are warm, occasionally breaking 100. It receives an average annual precipitation of about 38”. It is the main business center of South Siskiyou County. Prices tend to be higher here than the rest of the county. Mercy Medical Center, one of the two main hospitals in the county is located in town. For a town of this size there is a surprisingly good range of doctors and specialists. Mount Shasta real estate varies from small lots to mini-ranch sized parcels.
    • DUNSMUIR is the first town you come to on Highway 5, coming from the south. It is at about 2300’ in elevation and rises on both sides of the Sacramento River into green hillsides. It gets less snow, is warmer, and gets more precipitation with an average annual of about 61”. Dunsmuir homes tends to be on town sized parcels since it is located in a canyon. Dunsmuir real estate tends to be comprised of smaller parcels.
    • MCCLOUD is the smallest of the towns and the quietest. It is nestled into the southeast side of the Mountain at about 3300’, is alpine in nature, and is surrounded by huge forestlands. It gets more precipitation with an average annual of about 49” which also translates into more snow. McCloud is not an incorporated city and is under county jurisdiction. Most McCloud homes are in town but they can also be found south off Squaw Valley Road, in Mt. Shasta Forest, etc.
    • WEED gets jokes about its name but it was actually named after Abner Weed, an early sawmill owner. It is at about 3,400’ in elevation and is somewhat drier with an average annual precipitation of about 23”. The surrounding countryside is diverse, ranging from a high desert to lush meadowlands. College of the Siskiyous is in Weed. Weed homes generally have less snow and can be in town or on acreage to the West or North in the Shasta Valley.
    • LAKE SHASTINA is a large residential area developed around an 18 hole golf course and a large lake. Parcels are generally about 1/4 acre and often have outstanding views of the lake, golf course, and surrounding mountains. There are lake front lots and lots on the golf course. Shastina is actually an irrigation reservoir and its level can drop substantially through the summer. The climate is high desert with more sun and a lighter winter, though it can get quite windy. Trees are sparser but there is more of a feel of vast open spaces. It is a private community with its own services including police, fire department, water, and sewer systems. Charges for these services are reasonable.
    • HAMMOND RANCH is on the west side of the valley between Mount Shasta City and Weed. Hammond Ranch homes are on at least 5 acres with 10’s and 20’s as well. The Hammond Ranch encompasses lush meadows, dense forests, and everything in between. Elevations range from about 3500’ – 4800’. Some of the parcels are on county roads but the majority have private road access which often has sporadic maintenance and snow removal. This is the place to go for elbow room in an alpine setting.
    • YREKA is about 22 miles south of the Oregon Border on I-5. It was birthed as a gold mining community and grew into the county seat and a center for ranching and farming. It has the largest population and is at an elevation of about 2600 feet. There is an historic downtown, attractive Victorian homes, and mini-ranch sized properties around it. Fairchild Medical Center, one of the two main hospitals in the county, is located in town. Yreka has a performing arts center, museum, and Greenhorn Park which offers fishing and small boating.
  • WATER: The cities and even some of the private developments have public or community water systems. There are normally monthly fees for usage. Many rural houses, on the other hand, have their own wells. It you are buying land without a well already drilled it is important to find out what nearby wells tend to be like. How deep do they go? Does the water have concerns with minerals, etc.? If you are buying property that already has a well you should have the water tested and the well checked out.
  • SEWAGE: Within the cities and a few other places there are public or community sewer systems. Otherwise, individual septic systems need to be installed. If you are buying property that requires a septic system but it has not been installed yet it is important to determine through the public health department that they would approve it for a system and what kind of system would be required (in areas with high water levels or poor drainage specialized systems can be very expensive). If you are buying a home with an existing septic system you should have its condition checked.
    • Electricity is easily available to most properties. Where there is no power, thought, it can be very expensive to bring it in. Some people use alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydro and prefer to be off the grid. Mt. Shasta Forest is completely off the grid.
    • Internet service is accessible in various ways. DSL is often provided in and close to town. Cable is more widely available. Satellite services are an option though reception can be an issue where it is heavily forested.
    • Telephone is extended to most but not all properties. Cell phones often solve this issue.
    • Cell service is, of course, available though there are places with no reception or poor reception.

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