Exploring our world is so interesting and exciting. It is always new and unknown. Often with wildlife things happen too fast or are too far away to take a picture but here our some that worked.

I love seeing animals, their tracks, and even their scat. We share the same wondrous world and I feel a deep connections to them. In the spring of 2015 on a late afternoon hike I was so excited to see a large bear, a bald eagle up close, a red tailed hawk, and wild displays of lightening. I never know what to expect and what will be new each time I go out into nature. In the fall of 2015, on another hike, I probably saved a small rabbit from becoming someone’s dinner. It came running down the trail right at me. I stopped and at the last moment it veered off to the side about a foot or two from my feet. I waited, assuming something was chasing it, and a few moments later, bounding out of the trees, came either a marten or a fisher, both of which are in the weasel family. It saw me, hesitated, and ran the other way.