We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. There are rugged peaks and ridges, numerous high mountain lakes, rivers and creeks, gorgeous woods, and lush green meadows. One of the best ways to see it is to put your hiking boots on and hit the trails, for a few hours, a day hike, or with your camping gear. If you have questions stop by Coldwell Banker Mountain Gate Properties for assistance. We may look like real estate agents but some of us are really HIKERS!

There are many wonderful places to go but these are some of our favorites. If you have questions or need directions give us a call.

Hikes on Mount Shasta
South Fork & Trinity Divide
Castle Crags Area
Mount Shasta City Area


I love hiking on the Mt Shasta, particularly in the rugged beauty above the treeline where the views go on for ever . I can spend a day or go up for several hours after work.The Everette Memorial Highway rises to over 7,800′ and is less than ½ hour from town. With numerous trails and a circumference of about 50 miles at the base hiking opportunities are almost endless. Springs, meadows, waterfalls, towering evergreens, and abundant wildlife are there for your discovery.

Keep in mind that if you just drove up from sea level the air starts getting a bit thin. Also, it is important to understand that weather on the mountain can change quickly and a simple hike can become dangerous. Temperatures can fall, it can rain or snow with little warning, winds are often powerful, and visibility can diminish. As you rise in elevation it also gets colder. Be sure you have warm, protective clothing, water, hats, good hiking shoes, etc. I always have a flashlight since I have a tendency to get carried away when hiking. The ridges can be extremely steep and are covered with scree and loose rock/boulders so there is real potential for injury. If you are hiking with others make sure no one is below you in the fall line.
Richard Oreck, Real Estate Broker / Hiker.

Hiking On The Mountain

Area: Mount Shasta, the mountain
Total Distance: Varies
Elevation Gain: Elevation tops out at 14,179′
General information regarding hiking on the Mountain. Following this entry are several Mount Shasta hikes in more detail.

The Old Ski Bowl

Area: Mount Shasta, the mountain
Total Distance: Varies
Elevation Gain: Upper Parking lot about 7,840′. Top of Mount Shasta about 14,179′.
About 14 miles from town, at the end of the Everitt Memorial Highway, is the Old Ski Bowl. It is the easiest & quickest place to access on the mountain that provides spectacular, above treeline views and a high starting point for hikes.

Green Butte Ridge

Area: Mount Shasta, the mountain
Total Distance: At least 4.4 miles depending on how high you go
Elevation Gain: At least about 2,000′ depending on how high you go
GREEN BUTTE RIDGE is my favorite hike from the Old Ski Bowl. You park at about 7850′ in elevation and it is all up hill from there. The higher you go, the steeper it gets. Hike for an hour or two and you will find yourself in another world populated by varied colors of volcanic rock, hardy wildflowers, and panoramic views of the valleys below, the mountain ranges beyond, icy glaciers, and of course Mount Shasta towering above.

South Gate Meadows (aka Squaw Meadow)

Area: Mount Shasta, the mountain
Total Distance: About 4 miles total
Elevation Gain: About 800′
A popular and easy hike to a lovely little valley with clear, cool spring fed creeks flowing down through verdant meadows rich with wildflowers. What could be better than to lay back in the grass, serenaded by cascading streams, on a warm summer day?

Horse Camp

Area: Mount Shasta, the mountain
Total Distance: 3.4 miles total.
Elevation Gain: Less than 1,000′
The hike to Horse Camp is popular and easy. It is a mellow way to gain some altitude on the mountain and spend a lazy afternoon.

Clear Creek Trail

Area: Mount Shasta, the mountain, east side
Total Distance: About 5 miles total to the spring meadows
A lovely, easy hike on the southeast side of Mount Shasta that takes you through rich Red Fir forests, along dramatic canyons, and into awesome views.

North Gate

Area: Mount Shasta, mountain, north
Elevation Gain: About 2,800′ to end of developed trail
Getting to the North Gate trailhead takes more time and good directions and it is a fairly long hike but it gets far away from the crowds and provides spectacular views. It is all so beautiful.


The South Fork Road takes it’s name from the river it parallels for much of it’s route, the South Fork of the Sacramento River. Once W.A. Barr Road crosses the Lake Siskiyou Dam we call it the South Fork Road and it shows up on maps as Road 26, a USFS designation. It is a beautiful, nearly 16 mile drive to the Gumboot Saddle at the Trinity Divide. The Trinity Divide is the highest part of the Klamath Mountains and separates the Trinity River drainage to the west and the Sacramento River drainage to the east. Be ready to discover clear mountain lakes & rivers, lush forests, & awesome rock ridges.

Castle Lake, Heart Lake, and Little Castle Lake Area

Area: Mount Shasta
Total Distance: About 3 miles to Heart Lake
Elevation Gain: 600+ feet to Heart Lake
Castle Lake, where the hikes start is a beautiful mountain lake surrounded by a glacial cirque. It is a great destination on its own for swimming, paddling, & hanging out in the sun. Heart Lake is much smaller but provides awesome views of Mount Shasta and is much cozier. It is all a stunning area.

Cliff Lake

Area: Mount Shasta
Total Distance: 3 miles
Elevation Gain: < 200′
Looking for an easy, mellow hike to a beautiful high mountain? The Cliff Lake Trail is the answer. The distance to the lake is about 1.5 miles with very little elevation gain. The trailhead is at 5,623′ and Cliff Lake is at 5,770′. The stunning cliffs that hug the back side of the lake rise to a peak height of 7,149′. You get the idea, it is very impressive.

Deadfall Lakes and Mount Eddy

Area: Mount Shasta
Total Distance: 5.2 miles total to lakes. 10 miles total to Mount Eddy Summit. (Both via PCT)
Elevation Gain: About 400′ to lakes. About 2,500′ to Mount Eddy Summit.
Looking for a cool dip on a hot day surrounded by nature’s beauty? Take an easy hike into Deadfall Lakes. Want expansive, 360 degree views? Craving more exercise? Continue past the lakes to the top of Mount Eddy at 9,025′ in elevation.

Gray Rock Lakes

Area: Castle Crags Wilderness, South Fork Road area
Total Distance: Minimum of 1.5 miles
Elevation Gain: Trailhead 5,790′. Gray Rock Lake 5,970′. Ridge peak 7,200′
Gray Rock Lakes is another beautiful area in the Castle Crags Wilderness. The lakes are not as deep or clear as Cliff and Castle Lakes but there are less people and it is a little more wild with fewer paths once you are beyond the Upper Lake. If you are a hardier hiker/scrambler you are rewarded by stunning views from the top of the ridge.

Porcupine Lake

Area: Mount Shasta – Eddys Range.
Total Distance: 11.6 miles total.
Elevation Gain: About 1,300′
Porcupine Lake is a beautiful alpine lake at about 7,236′ in elevation. It is about 8 acres in size and has a maximum depth of 50′. The shoreline is largely rocky with some large boulders that are nice for lying in the sun. Views from the lake include the rocky ridge line that partially surrounds it along with towering evergreens.

Toad Lake

Area: Mount Shasta – Eddys Range
Total Distance: About 13 miles total on PCT from south. About 1/2 mile from Toad Lake Road.
Elevation Gain: About 1,200′ on PCT from south. About 215′ from Toad Lake Road parking.
Toad Lake is another one of our lovely lakes in the Eddy Mountains to the west of Mount Shasta. It is at about 6,940′ in elevation, is approximately 23 acres in size, and has a maximum depth of around 40′. There are a number of camp sites close to the lake, trees for shade, and a close hike up to the PCT and Porcupine Lake.


What could be better? Towering granite rock faces, domes, & spires from the Jurassic Period, 65 million years ago, over 300 species of herbaceous wildflowers, streams, waterfalls, and hidden places to discover.

Castle Crags

Area: Castle Crags Wilderness, Castella Area
Total Distance: 28 miles of trails in the State Park/Crags.
Elevation Gain: Varies
The Crags are amazing. It is our mini version of Yosemite, with beautiful granite spires and domes rising into the skyline. The northern end is visible from Mount Shasta City and awesome views of the southerly portion can be seen from I-5 in the Castella area. Be sure to refer to the Castle Dome and the Pacific Crest Trail Crags hikes listed listed below.

Castle Dome

Area: Castle Crags Wilderness, Castella Area
Total Distance: About 5.5 miles total
Elevation Gain: About 2,200′

The Crags are one of my favorite hiking places anywhere around. I regard it as is our little Yosemite. The upper area of the Crags is extremely rugged and steep. The Dome trail is the only developed trail that rises into the the steep granite, though it only gives a beginning taste of the Crags.

Pacific Crest Trail and Castle Crags

Area: West Side of Castle Crags Wilderness
Total Distance: From Dog Trail 2.5 – 3 miles to Burstarse Falls or just keep going…..
Elevation Gain: About 1,000′ from the Dog Trail or just keep going…..
Catch the legendary Pacific Crest Trail and hike along the amazing beauty of Castle Crags. Hike to a waterfall or just keep going and watch the views just get more and more magnificent.

Sacramento River Walk

Area: Castella
Total Distance: 2.8 miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
The Sacramento River Trail is sweet, gentle hike along the Sacramento River. It is a great way to view the river’s beauty and take a cold dip on a hot summer day.


Closer to town hikes ranging from a mellow hike around Lake Siskiyou to an 1,800′ elevation gain in 2.6 miles on Black Butte.

Black Butte

Area: Mount Shasta
Total Distance: 5.2 miles total
Elevation Gain: 1,800′ plus
Want to hike up a miniature Mount Shasta? It not only is a volcanic creation but has a similar shape to Mount Shasta and Shastina when viewed from the north. Get to the top and you will have 360 degree views of the valley, Mount Shasta, the Eddies, Castle Crags, Mount McLoughlin, Mount Lassen, Lake Shastina, and more.

Lake Siskiyou Trail

Area: Mount Shasta
Total Distance: 7 miles
Elevation Gain: Minimal
The Lake Siskiyou Trail has lovely views of the lake, Mount Shasta, and surrounding mountains. It crosses the inlet areas of Cold Creek, Wagon Creek, the Sacramento River, Scott Camp Creek, and Castle Lake Creek. The hiking experience is very diverse, passing through sandy beach areas, towering woods, meadow lands, Lake Siskiyou Resort, and even alongside W.A. Barr Road for a stretch. Speaking of the road, one of the advantages of the trail is that it is so convenient and easily accessible being only minutes from town.